This is really a super modification. My aircraft looks and feels incredible thank you.  This really is a super modification 
                                                       Thomas Loeliger, Switzerland - Robinson R22


Couldn't wait to write and let you know. I received and re-fitted my DA40 interior today and I’m speechless. Just can’t stop looking at it. Can't stop sitting in it. Can't wait to fly in it. Credit where it's due and a big thank you to all at CAT.
                                                       William Roberton, USA - Diamond DA-40


All the work you have done is to a high standard and I truly appreciate your efforts. It was an enormous undertaking and it’s worked out well for both parties. Please extend my personal thanks to your team.
                                                         David Gold, UK - Lear Jet 45


I finally got to sit in my new interior today and I sat in the seats with my partner just looking at each other laughing, and not moving. Do you know why? Because the seats are so freaking comfortable!

   I swear the best description is that I now feel "connected" to the airplane via the seat. Used to feel my only connection was the stick and I kind of had to sit on this thing that Diamond called the seat. The new seat cushion bolsters actually give you more height in the cockpit and I don't feel like I am trying to stretch up to see over the shroud - and I am 5'9".

   The back and shoulder bolsters makes it feel like a hand built race car seat now! I can't believe that the engineers at Diamond allow those aircraft to be designed and sold with such appalling interiors when you can do something as beautiful as what you guys have created.

                                                       Ian MacNeil, USA - Diamond DA-40


As part of a complete interior overhaul of our Piper Archer II, the quality, craftsmanship and comfort of our seats was our highest priority. Working with Custom Aircraft Trimmers was a pleasure. They kept us involved in the entire process from selecting the colour and design to the shipping and delivery of the final product. Everyone who has seen our new seats comments about their rich style and elegance. They are now truly the focal point of our interior. We honestly couldn’t be happier with the results.
                                                      Brad Konopa, Greenville WI - 1979 Piper Archer II


I had been looking to upgrade my seats and aircraft interior for a few years. I shopped locally and on the Internet but couldn’t seem to find the design and quality I was searching. I fell in love with what I saw of Custom Aircraft Interiors and I located the company that made them. I contacted Custom Aircraft Trimmers and found them very knowledgeable. They worked with me to design my seats and interior to meet my expectations. Doug helped me with my design, colors, and materials options. He also helped me with shipping and payments. My seats and interior were sent out and returned to me in a short time. When I opened my box with my new and improved seats and interior, I was blown away with the quality and design. Once Installed I was even more blown away with my new interior. The whole process was painless and brings me a sense of pride with my airplane that I have never felt before. I would recommend Doug, Jason and Custom Aircraft Trimmers to anyone who is serious about a quality aircraft interior and custom seat design and installation. 
                                                Robert Mallett, Wilmington Ma - PA-28-181 Archer


I picked up my plane from the paint shop last week. I am very impressed by the panels, the seats and inner seals. Never seen a similar Interior in any PA-32 before. Looks really nice. Thank you and your team for a great job and the fair handling of my order.
                                                               Armin Barnet, Germany - Piper PA-32


We are absolutely thrilled with our new custom interior. You have  been a true pleasure to work with and made it seamless to ship the old interior to the UK and we were amazed how quickly we got it back from the other side of the pond. We shipped it to Custom Aircraft Trimmers on June 11, and it was back and completely installed in the R44 on June 27. That is incredible! We couldn't be happier with our new custom interior - it changes the whole look and feel of the helicopter.
                                                     Sara & Paul Blanchette, USA - Robinson R44